College life is fun and fascinating for every student but, providing the students with exact blend of fun and studies can sometimes become imperative task for any college. That’s why happening and successful college campus events are considered integral, not only students but also for the reputation of the college.

To draw more attention and create a memorable campus event, you’ll need more than just free refreshments or fun games. As times changes and demographics shift, student associations or unions have found out that students are expecting more from college campus event.

This has lead to increase in the number of searches for college event ideas for students. Youth have plethora of options available to choose from and event planning experts at Eventswedo have listed some of the most loved event ideas below:

Face Painting 🎃

Face painting competitions are loved by majority of the students and are one of the first choices for college fest events. It’s one of the most popular, creative and fun event. Here the participants are given different themes to work on and compete with their opponents. Everything from a simple design on the cheek to full facial paintings is a lot of fun. Comprising of several themes from horror to  fictional characters and animals to abstracts, face painting is a fun event for college students. With its increasing popularity, face painting events have made their place in school events as well.

college event ideas for students

Film Making Contest

Short film competitions is a great idea to involve students in doing something creative. In this competition the students make a creative short film based on social issues which have impacted the society followed with an inspiring social message. Here, organising the competitions among different institutes is more impactful. The students can generally form a group to make a team for this competition. All the films can be shown during a special screening during inter college event and the jury members decide the best film and reward the top performers.

Poetry Contest 🍂

Poetry contests are pleasing for the emerging artists. This is one of the most popular college event idea among the youth. Organising  poetry contests in college or university events provides a platform to the aspiring poets to develop their talent. Usually the finalists of the event are provided future opportunities along with certification. That’s why it has made its place in our list of top fun events for college students in India. Being one of the most creative event Poetry includes reciting as well as writing poems on their own.

college campus event ideas

Fiction Writing

There are various college event ideas for students but fictional or story writing is the most creative, fun and entertaining competition out of all. In fictional writing competition all the contestants are assigned with few lines and letting them build the rest on their own. Usually word limits are assigned to judge the capability of the students with their impacting stories wrapped in the given word limit. And the stories that will leave their imprints on the mind and heart of the jury will be declared the winner.

Sales Competition

Are you ready to find the salesperson of the year? If yes, then  organize a sales event in your college fest. A sales competition is specially organized to benefit the business and marketing students. Here the aspiring marketing students can show their marketing skills by selling the given products or services at the decided prices. More sales more profit after all good things comes with a price tag. The winner can be announced after calculating the profit and loss of every participant once the given time period is over.

college campus event ideas

An event without proper planning can turn into a total blunder. Check out our Event planning tips & advice to get the basics right.

Science and Innovation

Again, this contest is specially organised for the science students. In this event, enthusiastic young scientists compete to present their ideas as an individual or team. The young participants are  required to show their special and unique items built by them and how those items can socially impact the environment in a positive way. Once everyone is done with their projects it can be displayed to showcase for the college students.


Regardless of stream and specialisation of students, this competition is for every student. Here the participating students  need to create handicrafts and the same needs to be displayed in a special exhibition. Whereas the selected pieces can be later showcased in the college fest. A handicraft can can be inspired from any thing and using any fabric. The most appreciated handicraft can be awarded on the last day of the fest to encourage the innovative ideas of the students.

10 fun events for college students

Online Events

Online is the new trend and the young generation is so into online events these days. So, organising an online event can result in maximum number of participations & higher engagement. Organising online events during the college fest can be beneficial for the college. There are plethora of ideas to organise an online event with some fantastic apps like musically, dubsmash etc. An online event is the most interesting & fun fest with higher engagement.

Cultural Competition

College campus event ideas are endless but promoting the cultures of different states of our country has always proved to be an interesting event. Our young generations is talented and needs an appropriate platform to showcase their skills. The cultural competition can be of cultural songs, dance or skits where the students can participate in solo and groups. Apart from the winning perspective this event will bring awareness among the students about different cultures of different states of our nation.

10 fun events for college students

Innovative StartUPs 💡

No one really likes restrictions in their life but how many of us can really implement it ? Well,  Startups do! Startup e-commerce companies are the new emerging trend not only in India but across the world, where everyone can be their own boss than being regular 9 to 5 employees. In the innovative startup competition, every  individual participant has to come up with innovative startup company ideas with a realistic as well as futuristic approach, make feasible surveys and at the end have to make presentation in front of jury.

Fashion Show

Fashion show is very popular and entertaining college event. The most fascinating part is that it isn’t limited to the fashion school. Every other campus fest includes fashion shows based on numerous themes with different perspectives. A fashion show can be made innovative by including challenging themes focused on fashion, makeup and nail art. A fashion show can be themed on Bollywood and Hollywood personalities to make it more entertaining. Fashion shows with social messages are the most loved fashion themes opted nowadays. If organised flawlessly, it can do wonders.

A college campus is nothing if it’s not eventful! College fests have become popular in India lately. But organising college campus events made us realise that the events loved by majority of the youth those which have the ability to develop a connection with the maximum audience.

10 fun events for college students


Visibility to the set of events!

What makes something go viral? Its visibility. Visibility to the set of events happening is also extremely critical. And simply pasting the news on the notice board might not work well, do post the news on your website.

Event management is purely an art that requires polished skills to gain perfection. We believe that accurate event planning and continuous organizing is the key to success.  If you are planning to organise an event in your college campus, our 10 fun events for college students will guide you in the right direction.

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