Celebrations in Chennai are incomplete without a DJ. From wedding functions to birthday celebrations and parties to corporate events, DJs help hugely in getting into the mood and get people on the dance floor. 

Chennai’s disco jockeys are well known for their understanding of local music and spinning different genres. But when it comes to choosing the best one for your celebrations, it is quite a challenging task. 

That’s why Eventswedo presents to you, the best DJs in Chennai to make your celebrations memorable. 

Top Chennai DJs for events and parties 

Here’s our list of top DJs in Chennai!

DJ Skull 

Want to set fire on the dance floor? DJ Skull will make sure of that. He is a professional DJ based in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai with experience over 9 years. He started his DJ career in 2010 and has played at hundreds of weddings, corporate events, and parties in Chennai as well as various other South Indian regions.

best dj in chennai

Contact: 090422 14181

Email: dejayskulll@gmail.com

DJ Sunny Deepak 

It won’t be wrong to call DJ Sunny Deepak the leading music entertainers in Chennai. With the experience of 5 years in the DJ industry, he is known as a ‘Baraat Specialist’ for his understanding of local, Tollywood, and overall Southern music. Electropop, trance, NU-disco are also his favorite music genres to make the guests groove on his beats. 

If you want to make your wedding days the most happening ones, book DJ Sunny Deepak for sure! 

Website: DJ Sunny Deepak

Contact: +91 9176376694

DJ Zen 

Zen is undoubtedly the most talented disco jockey of Chennai! With experience of more than 10 years, he is one of the most famous and professional music jockeys in South India. From corporate events to college fests, private parties, and wedding nights, he has rocked events with his mashups and remixes.

Punjabi, Hip Hop, and commercial EMD are his favorite music genres of DJ Zen.

Contact: 9884209666,9500009666

Email: djzenchennai@gmail.com

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Holding the title of “Best Couple DJ” from Chennai, NavzandDeepika needs no introduction. They have a deep knowhow of pop, hiphop, RnB, and commercial dance music which greatly comes handy at private parties and corporate events. This DJ duo has won the Sound Room Music Award and will not fail to impress your guests with their mashups and remixes! 

Book them for your event and spice up your celebration. 

Website: NavzandDeepika

Contact: +91 93654059052

Email: navzanddeepika@gmail.com

DJ Kave 

One of the most renowned DJs in India, DJ Kave is a music prodigy who is based in Chennai. After dominating the DMC World DJ Championship twice, he has achieved a lot of success over a short period of time. DJ Kave has played in hundreds of weddings, parties, and events in Chennai. 

You simply can’t resist stepping on the dance floor and showing your moves when DJ Kave switches to EMD.  

dj for party in chennai

Contact: +91 9884245833

Email: mail@skratchlab.com

DJ Syed 

DJ Syed has been playing for more than a decade now and is widely known for performing consistently at Sera The Tapas Bar, Chennai. He has mastered music genres like Hip Hop, EMD, and Punjabi to widen his appeal as a music mixer.

Planning a private celebration and looking for the best DJ in Chennai? Sign up DJ Syed and have a killer bash!

Contact: 098843 33593

Email: djsyed@live.com

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DJ Frizbee 

A renowned DJ in Chennai, DJ Frizbee is skilled in spinning all types of music genres including PsyTrance, Techno, Commercials, and Bollywood. From corporate events to farewells, birthdays, and weddings, he has set the dance floor on fire with his remixes not only in Chennai but also Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Coimbatore. 

Sign up DJ Frizbee to plan a happening celebration in Chennai.

Contacts: 099401 86304

Email: djfrizbee@gmail.com

DJ Nisshu 

With experience of more than 8 years, DJ Nisshu is another pro DJ from Chennai who has made a big impact in the local DJ scene. In addition to his unique mixing style, he is known for mastering Commercial, EDM, Bollywood, and Trace. 

DJ Nishu from Chennai understands the mood of the crowd and plays the music accordingly. No wonder he is widely known in the youth! 

DJ Sam 

DJ Sam is the official DJ of 92.7 Big FM (Chennai) and is quite a popular name in the music scene of South India. When this DJ starts throwing away his music spell, it’s hard to resist heading to the dance floor. Apart from spinning tracks, DJ Sam has also established himself as a remix producer. 

With experience of 16 years and DJ gig with 92.7 Big FM, it can’t be denied that DJ Sam is one of the best DJs in Chennai. 

Contact: +1 919-805-4333

Email: djsamboi@gmail.com

Contact: Facebook 

DJ Darkhunter 

DJ Darkhunter has been mesmerizing the Chennai crowd with mix beats in nightclubs, music festivals, launch events, college fests, and weddings for over 10 years now. His music is a mix of House, RnB, Trap, Trance, and Club which keeps the crowds entertained for a really long time. 

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Hire top DJ of Chennai for events 

Above are the most celebrated DJs and music experts of Chennai and also South India. Planning your next party in Chennai will be much more fun on hiring one of these DJs!

Did we miss any popular DJ in Chennai? Share with us the name and details in the comments section and we will definitely include them in our exclusive list.

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