‘Honeymoon’, the word itself gives the butterflies in the stomach feels to every couple. A new chapter of your life has just started with the one you love. Your honeymoon is that once in a lifetime moment that you have been dreaming for god knows how long! And it is supposed to be magical and should feel like you are in some typical Karan Johar movie where you’re whisked away in snows and seas, and everything is just mesmerising!

But let’s face it, not every couple can afford those expensive romantic getaways to Switzerland, Paris and all those extravagant destinations. After spending a huge deal on their wedding, couples are left with the stress to find an affordable, inexpensive yet a beautiful destination to spend some time alone, away from chaos.  Worry not honeymooners! We will make sure that you have the fabulous and rejuvenating honeymoon with these budget friendly destinations across Asia.


  • Sri Lanka

Down there, unexplored, lies the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka with the fascinating beaches and the lush greenery. Unwind and unveil amidst the serene waters and relaxed atmosphere, much to cater your post-wedding weariness. Indulge in the interesting culture, spicy curries and water sports with your partner for the best time of your life.

  • Vietnam

Vietnam is probably the cheapest country of Southeast Asia and astonishingly beautiful with a lot to offer to the newlywed couples. This small country is blessed with all the beauty of nature in abundance and never fails to spell a cast on its visitors. Savor the world’s best seafood, sunbathe on the golden beaches and spoil yourself with the rejuvenating spa treatments, because you legit deserve it!

  • Laos

‘Colourful and picturesque’- these are the words that define this long forgotten country of Laos. With pleasant landscapes, quaint wilderness and a pinch of mystery hidden it its heritage, Laos makes a perfect place to spend your time together with full thrill and excitement. This honeymoon destination will surely give you “straight outta fairyland” feels!

  • Thailand

With the most beautiful and heavenly islands to boast about, Thailand has gained popularity as the most visited Honeymoon Destination in Asia. Thailand is fun, exotic and enticing destination for the newlyweds to spend some quality time together in the sapphire waters and glittering beaches. With a lot of options to choose from, Thailand surely can leave you gratified and awestruck with its beauty!

  • Bali

How can we forget to mention Bali when we are talking about pocket friendly honeymoon destinations in Asia? This Indonesian country has incessantly impressed and amazed all its travellers with the alluring and enchanting heavenliness. It serves all the purposes that any couple would want- private beaches, adventurous and wild jungles, romantic beach villas, amazing food and fascinating culture. Bali surely gives the couples a fantasy like experience!

  • Maldives

When the couples talk about ‘Honeymoon’, they indirectly mean ‘Maldives’! While it is smallest country in Asia, Maldives doesn’t lag behind in recreating the Coldplay’s song ‘Para Para Paradise’. Yes, that’s what Maldives is, a heaven for the love birds. With the crystal blue waters, glittering aquamarine lagoons and vivid coral reefs, Maldives represents the perfect place for a laidback and idyllic honeymoon destination!

  • Turkey

Alright, what if we tell you that you can be present in two different continents at the same time? Enamouring, isn’t it? Turkey has its legs both in Asia and Europe, being the birthplace of Middle-eastern culture and providing the European vacation experience to all its visitors.  The newlyweds can choose to indulge at the thermal pools together or can touch the skies with hot air balloon rides and witness the beauty of the country from eagle’s eye.

  • Cambodia

To all the history enthusiasts, Cambodia serves the best honeymoon destination for newlyweds. This mystical country is adventurous and exotic with abundant beauty, golden beaches, mysterious temples and scrumptious cuisine for the young couples to indulge in. Cambodia is known for the crazy night life and luxurious experiences that entice the newlyweds to explore the country more.

  • Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a set of multiple islands separated at negligible distances which are easily accessible and captivating. The city of Hong Kong is filled with the vibrant lights, sky high scrapers, Chinese architecture and is a perfect example of cityscape with beautiful skylines. This city offers the young couples all sorts of appeasement, from fine dining, adventurous sports and cheap stalls to shop from. Hong Kong certainly gives the couples indelible memories with so much to offer!

  • Malaysia

Malaysia is a home away from home for all the Indian couples! The Malaysian Peninsula has a blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay culture and serves as one of the best budget honeymoon destinations to all the love birds. The Malaysian Borneo is the eye-catcher of this country full of lavish green forests and wildlife for all the nature explorers. And for the shopaholics, a synonym for shopping!